About Vivoom

Vivoom is an always-on feature enhancement that improves the product experience for your consumer.

Vivoom's white-labeled sharing capabilities can be dropped into your brand’s digital or physical products and channels to provide seamless peer-to-peer sharing with fun branded filters for your brand’s consumers. These branded videos are shared across any/all social and messaging platforms by the consumer. Vivoom’s solution provides the brand control, republishing, and analytics capabilities that ensure consumer content is safe, on-brand and delivering results. 

Vivoom's solution offers a far superior solution to enable consumer sharing: 

1. Access/Share Everywhere

Seamless sharing capabilities for consumers can be dropped into any of your brand’s digital or physical channels and products. Consumers can then share across any/all social or messaging platforms so there will be no limits by demography or reach. Vivoom is white labeled and fully behind the scenes powering these capabilities. Why bet on a social network when your brand can add sharing itself as a critical, must-have product feature? 

2. Brand Safety and Control

Vivoom's solution allows your brand to see all content consumers are creating and sharing in real-time for moderation and republishing. Moderated content is pulled down instantly, no matter where the consumer may have shared.

3. Republishing

Your brand has full republishing rights to all video content. You can republish in real-time and can set up different curated feeds to republish at scale across your website, social platforms, broadcast, paid media, etc. Content can also be repurposed for later-stage republishing.

4. World-class creative capabilities for brand filters/lenses

Ensure the content is fun for the consumer and high quality/on-brand for your brand. Vivoom also
delivers an embedded viewer call-to-action as part of the branded filter. The viewer CTA's have incredible engagement, and can be changed by brands literally anytime (even after a consumer has posted to social media), so let's consider what your top goals are and apply them to the CTA. 

5. Consumer Sharing

Consumer sharing, powered by Vivoom, outperforms paid interruptive ads on Facebook and Twitter by 30x to 150x, respectively, generating the absolute highest engagement on mobile. Viewer click through rates are, on average, 30x higher than the average click through rate on Facebook and 150x better than the average click through rate on Twitter. 

6. Seamless Sharing

Vivoom is meant to be used as an "always-on" product feature similar to how Amazon Prime and Warby Parker shoppers can seamlessly share their purchases, and purchases under consideration with friends.


Today, Vivoom is powering the in-product sharing capabilities for world class brands including: