Campaign Objectives

Awesomeness TV Network stars JennXPenn and Cimorelli promoted videos they created with Vivoom across YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to increase views and inspire their subscribers to download and share

Campaign Strategy

Using Vivoom, JennXPenn and Cimorelli were able to offer fans their own exclusive In-UGC collection and drive views, comments, and downloads. Cimorelli promoted their campaign to drive awareness for hunger and the best fan video was featured on the Cimorelli YouTube channel. JennXPenn featured her In-UGC in a spoof on social media personalities where her “melonhead” was shared with #nofilter and her fans could do the same. 



These In-UGC campaigns generated a 6X increase in views and drove a 3.5% download and share rate.  Users engaged with their favorite YouTuber's exclusive In-UGC content, and the campaigns generated over 50K comments and likes.