Vivoom brings Hollywood-style VFX to iOS

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December 26, 2013

For those looking to add a little extra “pop” to their Instagram videos or Vines, Vivoom makes it easy to add professional-looking visual effects. To begin, users can either record video — up to 15 seconds at a time — directly in the app or import clips from the camera roll.

More than 100 effects are included, and the selection is constantly updated with new effects that the developer say are “inspired by the season, pop-culture or currents events.” Current categories include movie VFX, inspired by television and movies; exclusive VFX, based on current events; vintage VFX, which are retro styles; and color VFX, which let users manipulate clips’ colors and saturation.

Each effect can be toned down or cranked up with an intensity slider, and the app also allows users to auto-correct color, brightness, and audio levels. Finished clips can be exported for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Vivoom’s own network, or via SMS.

Vivoom is now available as a free, 11.7-megabyte download from the App Store.

Selfie Surgery Now Available For Video

Looking a little peaked in your videos with all the holiday stress? Want to smooth that skin, hide blemishes or add a healthy glow to your skin?  Then you’ll be excited to try VIvoom’s new Beauty collection.  It’s a first-of-its-kind, free video retouching effects package. Now, everyday video takers can retouch their video with the same tools used by top professional editors, colorists and visual effect artists to retouch actors’ faces and enhance their appearances in commercials, music videos, TV shows and feature films. Designed for consumers, you can retouch in a tap and right from your iPhone with videos you shoot with Vivoom app or import from your camera roll.




Based on leading-edge image processing techniques such as edge-aware detection and blurring, Vivoom Beauty smooths only what should be smoothed. The effect uses a proprietary skin detector to adjust the saturation, hue and brightness and bring out your natural skin ones. Then Vivoom uses a customized combination of effects to beautify the skin.  Just pick the best match for your skin color and pick your desired effect such as “Blemish Away, Wrinkle Remover, Bronzer, Instaglam, or Skins Aglow.”

Check out a few Beauty before and afters in our Vivoom Intro Video (beauty demo starts at 0.42).  Your friends will wonder if what you’re doing to look so good. Don’t worry, we’ll never tell!

Vivoom Shoots Mobile Video With Movie and TV-Like Effects

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DECEMBER 26, 2013 AT 11:55 AM PT

So you think you haven’t seen enough social video apps for your iPhone or iPad? Well then, today is your lucky day. There’s a new app out today called Vivoom. While you can think of it as similar in concept to other apps like Instagram video and Twitter’s Vine, this one is a little different in that it gives you access to visual effects that have been used on lots of movies and TV shows over the last 15 years or so.

The company behind it is GenArts, a big supplier of visual effects software to TV and motion picture studios, including Disney, HBO and ESPN. Shoot your video, and then you can add visual effects that you’ve seen in use on big and small screen. All the rendering is done in the cloud.

New effects are being added all the time without any need to download an update to the app. Today for example, a new one called “Beauty” makes it easy to remove blemishes and wrinkles from your subject’s skin. Another called “Skinny” helps them appear a little thinner. The “Sketch” and “Zap” effects are shown in the picture above.

Read the full story here

Talking Tech App Spotlight: Vivoom For Vivacious Videos

Vivoom, a new app for iPhone, offers up a different take on video effects.

By Jefferson Graham

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 2.50.01 PM

LOS ANGELES — Just what the world needs, another app that lets you add filters and effects to your smartphone videos, right?

We already have Instagram, Vine, SocialCam and Viddy, not to mention the native iPhone and Android camera apps — isn’t that enough?

That’s what I first thought, when I first heard about Vivoom, a new app for the Apple iPhone platform.

But then, when I learned it was developed by GenArts, the company that makes special effects that have been seen in such films as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Iron Man films, the TV series Game of Thronesand American Idol, I sat up and took notice.

It’s a good thing I did, as Vivoom is a whole lot of fun. The app is free, and offers 100 different looks.

The same sapphire glow you might have seen in Rings and Idol, for instance, you can achieve, on a smaller scale, with the app.

You can shoot new videos on your iPhone, or access them from the camera roll, to add effects directly to the clip. You can add lighting, tones, remove selective colors and more. From the app, you can then share out to your social networks.

GenArts says over 8 billion videos were shot by mobile users in the last year, and not shared. It hopes that with more fun tools to pretty up the videos more will start getting shared in 2014.

Richard Kerris, a former Chief Technology Officer for LucasFilm and early beta tester for Vivoom, thinks the app will find an audience tiring of the same 10-15 black and white and sepia filters seen on so many video apps.

“People are getting tired of those limited effects,” he says. “Their appetite is growing for more advanced stuff.”

The app is available for now only on the Apple platform. Look for an Android release in 2014.


Cimorelli and Vivoom Team Up to Feed the Hungry

This holiday season, Cimorelli wants to help out those less fortunate by teaming up with Vivoom to feed the hungry.  The six sisters want all their fans to get in on the fun and be a part of supporting this amazing cause too so they came up with an amazing giveaway.

Click on the girls image to see their video and follow the instructions.  You’ll see the video has a really cool film effect on it called “Lord Nashville,” which comes from Vivoom.  Just download the free app and make your own special effects video inspired by feeding the hungry. Then share it on Twitter with the #CimorelliFeedtheHungry.  Cimorelli will pick their favorite Vivoom video and feature it on a future video on their YouTube channel!

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Cimorelli Promo Pic smaller file

There’s even a Cimorelli exclusive effect collection in the Vivoom app where you can find video effects specially picked out by the girls (see below) or you can use the movie, color or vintage effects.  Can’t wait to see how you give back!


Christina VIvoom’d with Lord Nashville


Katherine Vivoom’d with Blueberry Promise


Lisa Vivoom’d with Envious


Amy Vivoom’d with Black & White


Lauren Vivoom’d with Drift


Dani Vivoom’d with Cava