Vivoom Partners with One Earth and Fiat Physica to Send a Crowd-Sourced Message From Earth Beyond the Solar System

Vivoom’s participatory mobile marketing platform helps raise awareness, content and funds for the One Earth Message Project hosted by Fiat Physica

BOSTON, MA April 22, 201– Vivoom, Inc. today announces a partnership with the One Earth Message Project and Fiat Physica, the world’s premiere physics fundraising platform, to kick off Earth Day with their campaign to send messages from Earth beyond the solar system. Using Vivoom’s mobile marketing platform, One Earth essage and Fiat Physica will enable citizens of the world to participate in NASA’s Pluto Mission by including their messages from Earth aboard the New Horizons spacecraft. Using Vivoom, consumers can co-create video submissions of what represents the best of Earth and what should live on beyond the solar system. The participatory marketing effort will help raise awareness and the necessary funds via the Fiat Physica website where anyone from consumers and artists to physics and science enthusiasts can donate to support the One Earth Message roject. By co-creating and sharing video messages with the customized One Earth Message creative, participants have the chance for one of their own messages to be sent aboard New Horizons spacecraft in 2016.

“Once approved by NASA, this historic ‘digital selfie’ will be crowd-sourced by people from around the world” said Project Director Jon Lomberg, who was also the Design Director on the famous Golden Records sent via the Voyager Missions in 1977.

“We’re all part of the Cosmos. Let’s send a message out there” says Bill Nye, the science guy in support of the One Earth Message. Watch Bill Nye’s message to the stars:

With Vivoom’s participatory mobile marketing platform, One Earth essage can invite users to participate and co-create using the One Earth Message video creative, and share their thoughts on the best of Earth beginning with their favorite animals and inventions. Only Vivoom combines co-creation, real-time delivery, and mobile video into an a consumer-centric experience that exposes new prospective participants to the One Earth Message Project and engages consumers to make their own message or contribute to the cause via the Fiat Physica fundraising platform (

“Today’s consumers want to be part of and support causes that inspire them and make an impact on the world” explains Vivoom CEO Katherine Hays. “The One Earth Message Project is the ultimate opportunity to share a ‘digital selfie with the galaxy’ about what makes Earth unique – all made possible with power of science and technology.”

About One Earth Message Project
One Earth Message Project is the lead organization for the financing, creation, and development of the message intended to be uploaded to the Pluto Mission’s New Horizons spacecraft in 2016. NASA encouraged the project to continue in 2014 with Project Director Jon Lomberg who was also the Design Director on the famous Golden Records sent via the Voyager missions in 1977.

About Fiat Physica
Fiat Physica, Inc. is the world's premiere physics fundraising platform. Fiat Physica’s mission is to make physics accessible, enjoyable, and relevant.

About Vivoom
Vivoom makes it easy for brands and agencies to add the power of consumer participation to every campaign easily, and at scale. Vivoom, the first participatory marketing platform, turns authentic consumer content into co-created mobile video marketing that drives the highest response rates and exposes brands to new, highly targeted customers. Vivoom's platform is driven by a highly differentiated and proprietary cloud-based delivery system and the world's leading visual effects engine.