TCU Launches Innovative New Admissions Campaign Using Vivoom

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Feb. 1, 2016 -- Texas Christian University, a nationally recognized independent university, and Cambridge, Massachusetts-based mobile advertising platform provider Vivoom have launched an innovative new admissions campaign that spreads TCU pride across social media. TCU is asking recently accepted high school seniors to tout their TCU acceptance with a video announcement using the Vivoom mobile app. Droves of incoming first-year students have shared their newfound school pride by shooting and sharing creative videos – featuring their acceptance letters – using the hashtag #TCU20.

The current campaign, which launched in January and is the third the university has run with Vivoom, uses the exciting news of acceptance, as well as TCU pride, as the central pillar. For the campaign, TCU sent custom purple pennants to each newly-mintedTCU student, who was then invited to shoot and share a video with the exciting news. Vivoom's branded user content platform is used to enhance the videos in real-time with TCU media assets and branding. The newly-admitted TCU students can then tap to share the finished videos via social channels, including Facebook and Twitter, to help spread the good news of their acceptance. Vivoom enables TCU to tap into the power of user content in an easy and brand-safe way. The platform also provides a private feed of all videos so that any inappropriate user content can be flagged and removed immediately – even after it has been shared.

"TCU is always looking for ways to engage authentically with current and new TCU students about their school pride," said Elizabeth Rainwater, director of admission marketing and communication at TCU. "Leveraging social video, an increasingly popular medium, makes it fun and easy to spark school pride in the newest members of our TCU community." Rainwater added, "Universities need to be at the absolute vanguard of millennial marketing. This enables our newest students to share celebratory messages with friends and family in a fully branded and brand-safe manner."

"TCU has an incredibly passionate student body," said Katherine Hays, founder and CEO of Vivoom. "Vivoom simply enables these students to share their passion through mobile video in a brand-safe and user-friendly way."

The Vivoom mobile platform provides TCU with four key capabilities:

  • Brand-safe user generated marketing, at scale. Vivoom's platform enables clients like TCU to harness the power of user-generated marketing in a way that's 100% brand-safe and on-brand, because shared videos can be moderated literally anywhere they've been shared.
  • Best mobile view-ability and engagement. Mobile views with Vivoom are always full-screen and full-audio, yet, because they are from peers, they are relevant, trusted and welcome by viewers. Content viewers spend 6x more time watching user-generated marketing created through Vivoom than industry average mobile videos.
  • Hyper targeted and ad blocking immune. User-generated marketing content is distributed peer-to-peer to users' own, highly-targeted friends and followers across their own social networks, and, as a result, it is immune from ad blocking and avoids bot fraud. Importantly, Vivoom delivers a hyper look-a-like audience and conversions on the embedded call-to-action within each video from 2% to 11%.
  • Transparent mobile metrics. Vivoom delivers full reporting on the number of views, time spent viewing and conversion on the embedded call-to-action in each shared video.

About Vivoom

Vivoom is a mobile media company that enables brand-safe storytelling between advertisers and consumers. The company has built a platform that allows brands to put people at the center of their entire mobile marketing process - from content creation, to targeting and distribution - and then provides the reporting, moderation, curation and republishing capabilities brands need. This innovative mobile marketing model generates high quality mobile content at scale that is authentic, highly relevant for consumers and brands, 100% brand-safe and outperforms other mobile marketing options. Located in Cambridge, MA, Vivoom is funded by Insight Venture Partners, Stage1 Ventures, and Boston's Converge VP. Learn more at