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Talk to any entrepreneur or business leader and they’ll often admit that their company is their "baby." They brought it to life, spent time raising it, and are emotionally invested in its growth. Entrepreneurs who are also parents to real babies say that many of the skills they use at home have enhanced their workplace.

Katherine Hays is cofounder of Massive Inc., an in-game advertising company she sold to Microsoft in 2006. Five years ago, she became a mom, and she says becoming a parent has helped her grow her latest venture, mobile-marketing tech company Vivoom Inc., launched in 2014.


These New Video Beauty Filters Will Become Your Best Friend

If you've ever wished there were more filters you could throw across your quick video clips in the same way you're able to put a little glow on your still photos, do we have news for you.

The Vivoom video app has four beauty filters that users can apply to 15-second videos and the effects are pretty amazing. If you want an overall glow, Instaglam will give you a smooth, blemish-free, lightly-tanned finish, while Sunkissed will help you look as though you just got back from a tropical vacay in the dead of winter. Wrinkle remover is like a digital injectable that smooths skin out and Blemish Away gets rid of any spots you'd rather not publicize across social media.

Beautify Your Social Media Feed in 2016: Vivoom Launches New Video Beauty Filters

“Self-improvement is always top of mind at the start of the year, so we thought it would be great to give people some fresh new tools to bring out their best as we kick off 2016,” said Katherine Hays, founder and CEO of Vivoom. “We’re letting users create and share perfect mobile videos just like the stars. My personal favorite is the bronze glow filter – it makes you look like you’ve just gotten back from vacationing on the beach in St. Bart’s – even if you’ve been working late indoors all winter.”

Three Trends in Digital Marketing for 2016

Retailers have been using social to successfully engage their customers for some time. Now, many have come to realize social media can mean much more than just relationship marketing.

2015 saw a host of interesting developments that are allowing brands to bring shopping into the social experience. Facebook Shop Now and Twitter’s Product Pages are making it easier than ever for retailers to activate consumers from within their social streams. Instagram and Pinterest have also both introduced new buying features that are creating new opportunities for marketers.

Mobile 2016: Looking Ahead

Everyone expects more money will be spent on mobile advertising next year than this past year as users spend more and more time on their devices. Looking ahead, marketers and brands alike still are unsure where that spend will go -- and it may not even be totally clear until this time next year.

Katherine Hays, CEO of Vivoom, believes there still is no effective model for mobile marketing and advertising, although cord-cutting is pushing video inventory to mobile devices. Her company focuses on brand-safe user-generated content, and she sees social influencers playing a major role in the future of mobile advertising. 

Vivoom: Few user-generated videos cause problems, but those are big headaches for brands

User-generated content is growing dramatically on the Internet, yet brands remain hesitant to connect their messages to viral videos gone wrong.

Vivoom a mobile media company based in Cambridge, analyzed more than 4,000 videos made through its video-creation platform and found only 6.6 percent of the videos were problematic for brands.

Making Spirits Bright: Vivoom Launches New Holiday Video Themes to Help Celebrate the Season

“Amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, we thought it would be great to give people a quick and easy means to create and share their holiday messages in a way that would break through the clutter to reach the ones that matter most with fun mobile video messages,” said Katherine Hays, founder and CEO of Vivoom “Whether it’s friends and family down the street, relatives across the country or even a certain gentleman in red, Vivoom’s messages are short, sweet, simple and always welcome.”

E-retailer Project Gravitas to turn social video into package design

Style e-retailer Project Gravitas is running a holiday promotion that features an unusual mix of video, print and retail. The “Message in a PG Box” campaign is accepting mobile videos shot by consumers that offer “words to live by” and printing the inspirational messages on its holiday packaging.

TCU Extends Vivoom Partnership to Engage and Activate Alumni Community

Texas Christian University, a nationally recognized independent university, has continued its partnership with Cambridge, Mass.-based mobile advertising platform provider Vivoom. This new phase of the relationship will highlight the role a TCU education has played in the lives of alumni from across the country and around the world. It will feature testimonials that focus on the fact that before graduates enjoyed personal and professional success, they were TCU Horned Frogs.