Vivoom Demo Campaigns

Hello and thank you for your interest in Vivoom!

The DEMO campaign you are trying to access is only available on mobile devices (iOS or Android). Please double check the instructions you were given to access your Vivoom DEMO campaign. You should be able to unlock your DEMO campaign in one or more of the following ways:



  1. Tap or Enter the link on your mobile phone or Tablet.

  2. You will be prompted to Download Vivoom or it will open with your DEMO campaign

  3. Shoot or Import your DEMO Video

Unlock Code:

  1. Download Vivoom (iTunes or Google Play)

  2. Enter Your DEMO code

  3. Shoot or Import your DEMO video

GEO Location:

  1. Download Vivoom (iTunes or Google Play)

  2. Launch the app in the DEMO geo location.

  3. Shoot or Import your DEMO video

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