In the weeks leading up to the release of Dracula Untold, Universal used Vivoom's co-creation platform to reach Millennials and drive opening weekend awareness and ticket purchase intent.

...The higher the amount of organic conversation online about a movie, the better return there will be at the box office. [Vivoom] is a concept we thought would be good to try expanding our presence on mobile.
— Doug Neil, EVP Digital Marketing, Universal Pictures


Over the course of a 16-day campaign, Universal partnered with Vivoom to create an exclusive offer for movie fans to transform their videos with authentic Dracula Untold branded assets and “Become Dracula” with #DarknessWithin.



Learn how Universal Pictures and Vivoom were able to turn 15-second user videos into highly organic, full-screen mobile ad units with  a measurable call to action (i.e., watch the Dracula Untold trailer) that inspired Millennial males approximately 18-34 to convert at rates that significantly outperform current industry benchmarks.