Vivoom is the only mobile media company that enables brand-safe storytelling with consumers at scale.

Personalized mobile videos. Ad blocking immune. Unbeatable results.



Activate your audience where they already spend time. Your apps. Your mobile web. Your social channels. Your chatbot.


Captivating brand filters.
Fans create videos with your filters added automatically.


With a single tap, consumers can share anywhere to all their friends and followers.


Friends view the branded videos in their social feeds.  Always full-screen & full audio. 


Vivoom videos are shared to the highly-targeted friends and followers across a creator’s own social networks, delivering a hyper look-a-like audience.

Universal access for consumers

Vivoom can be accessed by your audience from anywhere - no app download required.

Pull down the bad, celebrate the good. 
Vivoom's platform puts your brand in complete control.

Videos can be flagged and pulled down instantly regardless of where they were shared.  Videos look like they're playing on Facebook, Twitter or wherever they were shared but they actually play from Vivoom's platform so they can be removed immediately if they are flagged by the brand.

Republish the videos anywhere, anytime.

Brands retain the rights to all of the content which can be seamlessly integrated into their publishing systems via our API, re-shared on social media, or downloaded in HD to play in-store or on the Jumbotron at live events.

Add Vivoom to any campaign. Unbeatable Results.

Consumers love it. Viewers spend 6x more time watching. >65% views to completion.


Viewers respond at the highest rates on mobile. 2-11% click through on embedded CTA (vs. 1.8% on mobile video) 

Retailers leveraging Vivoom have generated in excess of $7.50 of directly attributable revenue per Vivoom video shared.

Creatively almost anything is possible.

Vivoom instantly adds brand filters to videos making the experience fun for the creator and engaging for the viewer, all while keeping the brand front and center in an authentic way. 


Microsoft tries to mitigate pitfalls of user-generated content

"Microsoft is keeping a tight lid on the UGC campaign through a partnership with Vivoom in an attempt to prevent mishaps such as negative content, something many brands have fallen victim to."

Princeton U Adopts Mobile Marketing Campaign Tool

"With Vivoom, we can reach our community members via email, Facebook and Twitter. Video creators are then free to share their videos however they like, again via Facebook, Twitter and SMS."

Few user-generated videos cause problems, but those are big headaches for brands

"User-generated content is growing dramatically on the Internet, yet brands remain hesitant to connect their messages to viral videos gone wrong."


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