Vivoom broadcast license application for TV/film

If you are a news broadcaster, film production company or other entity interested in being licensed to republish content for television or film with Vivoom please provide the following information. We'll get back to you via e-mail to confirm next steps within 3 business days.

Note: Online video uses do not require a broadcast license. Do not submit print-related requests—please follow the guidelines on the Permissions website:

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Your Name
If you are not authorized to digitally accept a contract on your company's behalf, please name someone who is.
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How do you plan to use Vivoom content? What shows, and in which context? If a film or scripted program, please explain the scene(s) and link to a mock/sample if possible. (English only please)
Where do you expect this content to be distributed? By whom? (Not required for news broadcast.)
f necessary, please share any detail that may be helpful.
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