Universal Pictures & Dracula Untold



In the weeks leading up to the release of Dracula Untold, Universal partnered with Vivoom to create an exclusive offer for movie fans to "Become Dracula", co-creating video spots they shared with friends. Friends watched co-created spots for longer and converted at rates significantly higher than industry benchmarks.


A signature retailer for Lilly Pulitzer, In The Pink, partnered with Vivoom to create an exclusive participatory advertising campaign that amplified the retailer's social reach (+17%), acquired new customers (+35%), and re-engaged lapsed customers (+20%). 

In The Pink & Lilly Pulitzer







Swiftwick wanted a high-energy, participatory experience to complement and enhance the video content its avid fan base shoots and shares. Swiftwick partnered with Vivoom in order to increase social media participation and expand their user base.


YouTube stars JennXPenn and Cimorelli amplified their reach by close to 6x with exclusive In-UGC campaigns by Vivoom that reached the friends of these YouTube stars’ fans.  

Awesomeness TV's JennXPenn