What’s the future of digital marketing in a data-privacy world?

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The battle over personal data at the heart of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal feature written by Lara O’Reilly, “The Future of Digital Marketing in a Data-Privacy World”, is yet another example of the Ad industry crisis and the urgent need for a new model.

Vivoom is disrupting the way brands reach consumers to provide an alternative model. Our company and technology solution are built on the simple premise that, in today’s digital world, all consumers are content creators who influence the people around them. We call it User-Generated Advertising (UGA), and strongly believe that it will reshape how brands reach their target audiences and build their product experiences and will determine future winners or losers.

As context, the $500 Billion advertising industry is in crisis due to three enduring, secular trends: (1) paid interruptive advertising, at scale, is a broken model; (2) the “digital brand safety crisis” is reaching alarming levels; and (3) big brands are doubling down on first-party data. At the same time, from the perspective of today’s consumer, if a product does not enable consumer sharing seamlessly, it’s a poor experience. Products that support and inspire consumer sharing – while enabling the brands themselves to collect first-party data safely and transparently – are gaining market share and emerging as market leaders across all product categories.

The old model of advertising was to interrupt consumers with a marketer’s message in a brand-safe way. Candidly, legacy interruptive channels – television, radio, print – were quite brand-safe. The future is: interact with as many targeted consumers as possible (at dramatically lower unit cost), do it in a brand-safe way (not trivial on digital), and take away from the interaction relevant first-party data such that each day you enter “the race” far closer to the finish line than competitors while positioned to deliver even more relevant value for your customers than the day before.

Cambridge Analytica, countless brand safety mishaps and repeated data missteps make it abundantly clear that relying on third parties to be proper stewards of brand assets and customer data creates unsustainable risk and opportunity cost.

At Vivoom, we’ve helped global brands including Johnson & Johnson, Clorox and Crayola, build consumer sharing experiences directly into their customer experience to circumnavigate those third-party barriers and truly own their consumer relationships. Vivoom is quick to implement and can be live in your product or brand owned channels in as soon as two weeks.

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Katherine Hays