Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vivoom?

Vivoom helps clients harness the power of sharing by turning consumers into authentic influencers. Our platform enables brands and consumers to become co-creators of user-generated content that is widely shared since it is created by and comes directly from the consumer.

When were you Founded?

We were founded in Boston in 2014.

How is Vivoom different than what I'm doing on Instagram, Facebook or other social media channels?

Vivoom acts as a compliment to Instagram and other social platforms. The main difference is the fact that content shared through Vivoom powered experiences is owned by the brand, meaning they have control over data. brand safety, content rights, etc.

How do you Activate My Audience?

There are several ways to activate a brand's consumers. To name a few: (1) clients can market the mobile experiences with a vanity URL or QR code on their owned channels (i.e. company website, social media channels, blog posts, etc.); (2) On-package activations via scanning a QR code to launch the mobile experience; (3) Live event activation via digital screens or marketing collateral; (4) Through a chatbot or app integration.

Is There an Option to Include a CTA?

Yes, most of the experience we build include a CTA. The CTA may be for viewers to click to create a video, sign up for a promotional offer, enter for a chance to win tickets to an event, and more.

How Long does it take to Build and Launch an Experience?

On average, it takes most of our clients 4-6 weeks to launch.

How do I Learn More about Pricing?

Please contact us at to learn more about our pricing options.

Are you a Managed Service or Self Serve Platform?

We consider ourselves a managed-service as our Ad Operations and Client Success teams work with our clients from the beginning stages of creative concept brainstorms to building out the branded mobile experiences and producing reports on each activation's results.

What Metrics does Vivoom Track in the Client Portal?

Our client portal reports on total reach, video completion rate, click-through-rate, and views.

What are Vivoom's Terms of Use?

You can find them here


Does Vivoom Have a Published Privacy Policy?

Yes! Found here



Does Vivoom Abide by the GDPR?

Yes. Vivoom takes the GDPR very seriously and has made extensive changes to support it. Vivoom acts as a Data Processor and in some cases a Data Controller. Vivoom will only process a consumer’s Personal Data if we have a lawful basis for doing so. Lawful bases for processing include consent, contractual necessity and our “legitimate interests” or the legitimate interest of others, as further described in our privacy policy.

Does Vivoom Abide by GDPR-K (“Kids”) Regulations?

Yes. Similar to Vivoom’s COPPA compliance, Vivoom does not allow for the submission of user content from persons under 16 years of age who are within an European Union member state, or whom we are informed are a citizen of a European Union member state.

Is Vivoom COPPA (under 13-yrs-old) Compliant?

Yes. As part of the account creation process, users are asked for their birthday and active acceptance of Vivoom Terms of Use. At that time we also present the users with tappable links to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Providing a birthday is required to comply with COPPA. Supplying a gender is not required. If a user enters a birthdate that indicates they are under 13 years of age they cannot re-enter a different birthdate to gain access.

Does Vivoom Support Opt-Out?

Yes. Vivoom supports opt-out as specified in the Vivoom Privacy and Terms of Use documents. At a less global level, individual consumer videos created within a creator experience may also be toggled between available and not available for inclusion in galleries by the consumers themselves at and after sharing time.

How Does Vivoom Ensure Brand Safety?

Vivoom supports one of the most conservative content moderation policies for internet video. The Vivoom Platform provides an interface to allow brands to moderate and curate the branded videos created. In this interface, videos may be deleted for inappropriate or “off­-brand” content. Upon doing so the video is immediately (within one second) removed from the public and is not available on user devices.

Platform moderation options include Standard or Strict. Standard Moderation allows for a Video Creator to share the content on their social channels immediately. A subscriber may elect to use Strict Moderation where all user co-created content must be reviewed before being visible to anyone but the creator and the subscriber. Third Party Moderation Services can also be engaged to perform the review of video content based on the brand needs.

Do Consumers Need to Download an App or Login?

No. Vivoom is a cloud-based mobile web experience accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Are There Limitations to Where Consumers Can Share?

No. Vivoom is platform agnostic and enables consumers to share to any social or messaging platform.

Will Consumers See Vivoom Branding?

No. Vivoom is a white-label platform that powers the in-product sharing capabilities for brands.

What are the Main Differences Between Using Vivoom and Running a Social Hashtag Campaign on My Own?

Vivoom is dropped into a brand's digital products/experiences so that consumers can seamlessly share with custom brand filters & viewer CTAs without leaving the brand's experience. Using Vivoom to power its consumer sharing gives a company the brand safety control, the real-time republishing and the reporting and analytics capabilities they need on the back-end.