Vivoom and Maroon 5 Continue Partnership from Red Pill Blues Tour

Interactive digital experience gives fans the opportunity to create and share social videos for a chance to win tickets to Maroon 5’s popular Red Pill Blues Tour

BOSTON (June 21, 2018) -- Following the success of digital activations around the band’s Cold music video and the launch of their latest album, Maroon 5 continues its ongoing partnership with Vivoom, the industry’s leading User-Generated Advertising technology solution, to reach fans during the band’s much anticipated Red Pill Blues Tour. Maroon 5 partnered Vivoom to create a custom “Tour Confessionals” digital experience that puts fans in the recording booth with Adam Levine. Fans who create and share videos will be entered to win two VIP tickets to the second leg of Maroon 5’s tour.

By partnering with Vivoom to power their User-Generated Advertising,

Maroon 5 is able to control the user experience, moderate the content being created for brand-safety, and own the first-party data from the campaign to help build stronger relationships with their fans. Maroon 5 will also repurpose fan-created videos on their social channels and website for Fan Video Friday, promoting the band in a way that will reach more fans than traditional advertising. The band hopes to generate more than 1 million branded videos as part of the “Tour Confessionals” activations.

“We are excited to continue our ongoing partnership with Maroon 5. When it comes to social media, they know their success is fan-driven, so we’ve teamed to let fans tell their story for them,” said Katherine Hays, CEO of Vivoom. “Using Vivoom, the band gives fans the opportunity to create a video where they can show their excitement - and then easily share with friends and fellow fans on social media. Effectively, they’re turning their biggest fans into powerful brand advocates.”

As leading digital innovators in the music industry, Maroon 5 is always looking for new ways to connect with their fan base. Fans are invited to use their mobile device to record a 15-second video about their favorite Maroon 5 concert memory, which Vivoom’s technology transforms into a production-grade film with an exclusive, Maroon 5 branded filter. After completion, fans are encouraged to share their video across their social and messaging channels for a chance to win tickets to a show in September or October. Best of all, this is all done without ever leaving Maroon 5’s digital environment.

“Vivoom’s technology has helped us bring new and better experiences to our fans, which they love,” said Freddie Morris, Maroon 5’s director of social media & digital marketing. “With Vivoom, we gained more control over our campaign’s success than any other platform. Engaged fans are at the foundation of the band’s success; so it was important that we always offer them fun experiences to connect with us on social. With Vivoom, we created our own atmosphere, so we don’t have to operate within the walled gardens of Facebook and Instagram to connect with our fans.”

Maroon 5’s first activation with Vivoom, #MyColdVideo, launched in February 2017 and gave fans the opportunity to appear in a 15-second clip of Maroon 5’s popular Cold music video. The activation resulted in an estimated reach of 200,000 with a 71% view-to-completion rate and click-through rates that were 111x better than interruptive Facebook ads and 550x better than interruptive Twitter ads. The second activation, #Honorary8th, launched in October 2017 to kick off the launch of Maroon 5’s new Red Pill Blues album. Fans were invited to take a video to appear on a digital version of the band’s album cover, resulting in a 83% view-to-completion rate.

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