Vivoom and Crayola Expand Partnership to Celebrate Teachers

Interactive digital experience gives students of all ages the opportunity to create and share a  Crayola-branded “Thank You” video for the teachers who made a difference in their lives

BOSTON (May 16, 2018) -- To help celebrate America’s teachers and the impact they have on their students, Crayola has partnered with Vivoom, the industry’s leading user-generated advertising technology solution, to help reach the company’s goal of sending America’s K-12 educators 1 million thank-yous this year. To help ensure teachers receive the recognition they deserve, Crayola worked with Vivoom to create a custom “Thank a Teacher” digital experience designed to help students tell the world why their teacher is amazing.

Whether looking to thank a teacher who previously made an impact on their life, or help a child create a digital thank-you card for their current teacher, participants are invited to use their mobile device to record a 15-second video describing why their teacher is so wonderful. Participants can share photos of themselves with their teacher, or can even showcase drawings, paintings or other homemade cards created for their teachers using Crayola markers or crayons. From there, Vivoom’s technology transforms the mobile video into a production-grade film with an exclusive, Crayola-branded AR filter. Once finished, students can share their video instantly across Twitter without ever leaving Crayola’s digital environment. Students of all ages are welcome to participate in the activation by visiting

“Everyone has a memory of their favorite teacher, and we’re thrilled to be working with Crayola to help amplify appreciation for the incredibly important role that teachers play in the lives of children every day,” said Katherine Hays, CEO of Vivoom. “By leveraging Vivoom’s solution to give both current and former students alike the opportunity to thank a special educator with a digital video or special piece of hand-made artwork - which can be easily shared with their teacher, family and friends on social media - Crayola is turning their best customers into true brand advocates in a meaningful way.”

By partnering with Vivoom to power their user-generated advertising, Crayola can control the user experience, moderate the content being created for brand-safety, and own the first-party data from the campaign to help build stronger relationships with their customers and fans. Crayola can also repurpose the consumer-generated videos on their social channels and website to promote the Crayola brand in a way that is proven to be more impactful than traditional advertising.

“Teachers deserve all the appreciation in the world for their dedication to their students’ success,” said Marisa Scurato, Crayola Digital Marketing Manager. “We’re thrilled to be inspiring students, parents and peers to express their gratitude to our educators, both through physical thank-yous and also digital activation. We love that this partnership provides the ability to combine both physical and digital creative expression and ultimately, create a dynamic and authentic message of thanks for teachers.”

The “Thank A Teacher” activation marks Crayola’s second digital activation with Vivoom. The “Gifts of Infinite Possibilities” activation ran in December 2017 and gave Crayola fans the opportunity to share homemade holiday cards and artwork with friends and family across social media and messaging platforms. In just two weeks, the holiday-inspired videos resulted in more than 300,000 views, along with an average view to completion rate of 62 percent and a click-through rate of eight percent, outperforming industry averages.

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