Q2 Newsletter

As many of you know, these last few months have tested brands like never before. Between Cambridge Analytica, Facebook’s elimination of partner categories, new GDPR regulations in Europe and stateside in California, a number of brand safety missteps, influencers failing and more, the world of digital advertising continues to shift at a rapid pace.

When the news of Cambridge Analytica broke, brands were already struggling to adapt to algorithm changes that deprioritized their content. Now, they face a reckoning around access to and use of consumer data. Consumers want to know where the data comes from, who has access to it, and what it’s being used for. These questions have not only left brands grasping at straws for an appropriate response, but also cut straight to the heart of third-party data platforms, which used to be the primary avenue for accessing consumer data. Brands now know they need to find a way to gain access to their consumers’ first-party data that circumnavigates bad-acting third party platforms, but many remain in the dark about how to effectively do it.

Combine this with the sweeping changes resulting from GDPR and many brands may feel as though they’re up a creek without a paddle. GDPR has fundamentally changed the relationship between who owns and controls consumer data and in this new paradigm, brands must deliver an engaging consumer experience encouraging repeat interactions if they want to develop direct, the critical 1:1 relationships with their consumers. Brands like Nike, which offers a fantastic user experience, understand this as they continue to successfully turn a passionate community into willing and enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

At Vivoom, we’ve always believed success happens when brands empower their most devoted fans to create rather than just consume, and embrace the fact that all consumers are content creators who influence those around them. In this new world where data capture is more critical than ever before, brands need a partner they trust to deliver the kinds of experiences consumers want. This is imperative to create a true value exchange in order for customers to willingly hand over their personal information. User-Generated Advertising (UGA) can deliver these experiences at scale and in a brand-safe way, while also helping brands develop stronger direct relationships with their audience. We truly believe it is the future of advertising.

As Q2 is now behind us, we’re excited at the progress our clients have seen over the last few months. You can learn more about them in the Client Highlights section below and by visiting our blog. We know UGA is the best path forward in this new model of digital marketing and we invite our supporters and friends to join us as we continue to push the industry forward.

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  • This past quarter Crayola launched a global “Thank A Teacher” campaign, with the goal of sending 1 million thank-you notes to America’s educators.
  • Following the success of our first activation with Crayola in December of 2017, we continued our partnership to launch our second activation as part of Crayola’s broader #CrayolaThanks campaign.
  • To help ensure teachers receive the recognition they deserve, Crayola worked with Vivoom to create a custom “Thank a Teacher” digital experience designed to help students tell the world why their teacher is amazing.
  • Johnson & Johnson extended their partnership with Vivoom for their “Nurses Innovate” digital initiative celebrating nurses who are changing the world.
  • Building on the success of Johnson & Johnson’s #makeHIVhistory campaign, “Nurses Innovate” promotes the creation of powerful user videos from nurses experiences and patients who feel their lives were touched by the care and kindness of a nurse.
  • Following the success of our first two digital activations with Maroon 5 around the Cold music video and the launch of their latest album, we expanded our ongoing partnership to help the band reach and engage fans during their much anticipatedRed Pill Blues Tour.
  • We created a custom “Tour Confessionals” digital experience that puts fans in the recording booth with Adam Levine to share their favorite Maroon 5 concert experience. Fans who create and share videos will be entered to win two VIP tickets to the second leg of Maroon 5’s tour.
  • The band expects to reach more than 30 million fans as part of this digital activation. Maroon 5 is sharing the experience through distribution channels such as Facebook and Twitter to encourage fans to participate.

Some Industry Experts Think ‘Traditional Marketers Are Screwed.’ Here’s How to Prove Them Wrong.
Katherine Hays – Entrepreneur – April 11

“Businesses of every size need to foster individual consumer relationships, rather than blast out flashy, broadly distributed ads or pay celebrities to speak on their behalf. And while it certainly doesn’t make sense for every business to blow up its existing model to become a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand, there are key learnings from the DTC playbook that any business can apply.”

Why Social Commerce Isn’t # Trending Yet
Cara Salpini – Retail Dive / Social Media Today / Mobile Marketer – April 23

“When it comes to actually convincing a shopper to buy something on social media, though, consumer or user-generated content is the “holy grail” for retailers, according to Katherine Hays, CEO of consumer-sharing firm Vivoom.

Bazaarvoice’s findings mirror that, as over 80% of consumers reported that CGC increases product discoverability, improves brand trust and creates a more engaging experience, while 56% say that seeing product ratings, social media pictures and other consumer-generated content is important.”

What I want for Mother’s Day? Not having to do it all
Shirley Leung – Boston Globe – May 10

“As hectic as my days are as a working mom, I wouldn’t change any of my choices. Nor would Katherine Hays, a Boston tech entrepreneur on her second company and a mom of three.

She and her husband, an insurance executive, have a clear division of labor and take turns being the “lead parent” — the one, for example, picking up a sick kid in the middle of the day. Non-negotiables in their schedule are sitting down as a family for breakfast and dinner every day. They have a son who is 8 and twin daughters who are 6.

After dinner and baths, Hays puts in another work shift from 7:30 p.m. to midnight. It makes for a long day, but what drives her every day is the belief that her company, Vivoom, will change the advertising industry and that the tech world needs more female leaders and role models.”