Harness the power of your customers

Turn your customers into authentic influencers. 

Harness the power of your customers 

Turn your consumers into authentic influencers.

Trustworthy user-generated content increases engagement by 20-30X.

Enable your most loyal consumers to drive awareness, consideration and purchase

with Vivoom's Consumer Activation Platform, brands can harness the full scope of the marketing funnel, end-to-end, all while gathering data, content, and authentic brand advocates.

As a company, Coca-Cola always searches for new ways to spread its message and engage consumers in the journey. Vivoom’s team managed to develop a whole new level of interaction for our Christmas campaign which allowed us to leverage our innovative approach and brought a whole new digital perspective to the company. The campaign showed amazing results, engagements and interactions. We were really happy to work with Vivoom because the team understands that in order to move forward we need to completely reinvent the way we talk and engage with people.

Vivoom enables you to


Enable your most loyal consumers to drive awareness, consideration, and purchase

increasebrand loyalty

Improve your product or service experience to drive loyalty and engagement

build new revenue streams

Strategically activate your consumers and distribute content throughout the marketing funnel

get real results

with Vivoom's Consumer Activation Platform

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